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Learn the best places for duct installations

These are the answers to your questions on air duct cleaning. A simple FAQ page! Don't you want to know why your ducts are clogged? Should they be replaced? Learn the best places for duct installations and what you must do to maintain them clean.

What are the causes of air duct clogging?

Clogging usually happens only when there is insect infestation or mold and mildew growth in the air ducts. Specialists at Air Duct Cleaning Woodland Hills usually say that dust and dirt alone are unlikely to clog air ducts. The air filter used in most air ducts are usually enough to prevent insects from getting into the ducts. Only molds may cause significant clogging if the air filters are intact. That's why it is important to do regular duct maintenance.

Can I put my air ducts in the attic?

The attic is a good place for installing air ducts as attic spaces are usually unused. However, there are precautions involved. Condensation can be a major problem for un-insulated air ducts positioned in the attic. The condensation can be inside or outside of the ducts. Either of which is going to be problematic. Condensation can lead to mold and mildew growth. Molds and mildew pose health risks aside from being unbearably smelling.

What can I do to keep my air duct clean?

It is important to keep everything neat and clean. This is particularly true with things that can greatly affect your health, like with your air duct system. According to experts at Air Duct Cleaning Woodland Hills your air duct system needs regular cleaning especially the filters to eliminate mold spores, bacteria and other substances that are harmful to your health. Filters are washed and disinfected regularly for cleaner and safer air.

Why do old air ducts must be replaced?

At older ages, people were using different materials and didn't pay much attention to insulation matters. Old air ducts might also be damaged and, as a result, you will lose energy and increase your energy expenses. Air duct replacement will also ensure that your indoor environment will be heated properly and be clean.

How can I tell if the HVAC system was cleaned properly?

According to our experts, the easiest way to tell is by comparing the condition before and after the cleaning. You begin by a visual inspection, followed by a performance inspection. If you see the difference and improvements between the conditions between and after servicing, then the cleaning was done properly.

Why do my HVAC air filters get dirty more quickly than expected?

There are two common reasons for this. When there are pets in the house, the filters get clogged with hair very quickly. Similarly, they get dirty faster when they have to capture the particles present in cigarette smoke. Filters with higher efficiency rating should help to solve the problem. It is also possible for the air ducts to be filled with dust, dirt and pollen. If this is the case, they have to be cleaned.

What are the sources of air duct contamination?

All inside air was once outside, so all of the dirt, dust, pollen, chemicals, mold and insects living outside can be pulled into your air duct system. In addition, people shed tiny dead skin cells every day and cooking smoke, household sprays and personal care products are additional sources of pollutants that can build up to dangerous levels inside your air ducts.

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