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Learn the most effective ways to keep air duct and vents in their best condition. Follow them consistently.

Want better indoor air quality for the family? Here are some unbelievable tips that are easy to follow.

Know what you are doing

Depending on how severe your duct looks, the amount of effort you will need will vary. Fortunately there are many ways to clean an air duct, each requiring different tools. Air Duct Cleaning Woodland Hills recommends that you take the time to learn these different methods and acquire the tools needed for each one, as clearing the dust and mold off a duct will require a certain level of skill.

Length of air duct cleaning

One thing to keep in mind about air duct cleaning is that it will take a lot of time to do. A person can spend an average of 3 to 5 hours cleaning all the air ducts in their home, possibly more if the home has more than one cooling or heating system. If you intend to clean your air ducts on your own, be sure to plan ahead and reserve a few hours of your day.

How to maintain clean indoor environments

It's important to keep the air ducts clean. HVAC maintenance is also important as much as air filter cleaning. When the whole system is perfectly clean and free from bacteria, the air transferred in your home will be clear according to our company in Woodland Hills.

How to determine whether ducts are dirty

You will certainly feel it in the indoor environment. You might grow some allergies (coughing, sneezing, red eyes) and the atmosphere will feel stuffy. The HVAC system won't work properly. The temperatures will not be the ideal ones but the energy bills will still be high.

Clean your home daily

According to our experts, dust particles build up and accumulate indoors on a daily basis. To avoid having too much dust in the air ducts, it would be best to clean the floors and the furniture daily. Home cleaning should always include air duct cleaning, and not just sweeping and vacuuming.

Replace the cover and draft damper of a dryer vent in case of damage

Inspect these exterior components to evaluate their condition in the first place. If they are cracked, detached or broken, get new ones installed.

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